Android 2.3 Gingerbread Updates rolling out in India now

Mobile operators in India have started releasing the eagerly awaited Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for all major cell phones like HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread was launched for most cell phones in Europe around 16th of May and ever since we in India have been eagerly awaiting the updates. Earlier reports suggested that it could take over 2 months for updates to come to India, but thankfully, they have started rolling out today.

HTC Desire HD India gets Gingerbread update

HTC was the first to bring the Android 2.3 update on its flagship cell phone HTC Desire HD. The update was available as an over the air download, which you can also manually check from Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update. The download is almost close to 100 MB, so its advisable to use a Wi-Fi connection for the update. Once the download is finished, the phone will switch off and restart with the update done. It takes about 10 min to do the entire process. The first thing you’d notice on the updated HTC Desire HD is the black theme. A Quick settings menu has been added which allows you to quickly switch on Wi-Fi and other such settings, something which was earlier being done by Power Control widget. The application area now has a Frequent and a Downloaded tab to easily segregate the apps you may have. Overall, the feel is smoother. And yes, I did not see any difference in the keyboard which many say exist!

Galaxy S gets updated to 2.3.3

Another phone to get the Gingerbread update today was Samsung’s Galaxy S. This update can be downloaded using Kies. Galaxy S already was brilliant in its looks, so you won’t find a lot of difference after the update, but yes, it sure has become faster and more responsive now. there’s no more stutter when opening some memory consuming apps.

News of Gingerbread upgrade for Motorola Droid Pro is also coming in, but we were not able to confirm that yet.

Today’s update to cell phones in India updates the software to version 2.3.3. This however won’t allow the gmail video chat thing, a concept similar to Apple iPhone’s FaceTime, which is supposed to be coming with the 2.3.4 update.

If you have updated your cell phone today, do let us know of your Gingerbread experience. And remember to back up your contacts and files before doing any update.

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