Congress shames democracy, detains Ramdev Baba, lathicharges supporters

Congress has shamed India by swooping down on the peaceful agitation of Ramdev Baba and detaining him at midnight, while lathicharging his supporters.

Ramdev Baba was doing a peaceful and fully democratic agitation against corruption at Ram Lila grounds in New Delhi. His primary demand was that the names of people having black money in tax heavens should be made public and the money should be brought back to India.

Ramdev Baba Detained

But Congress, instead of acting on this noble cause, decided to act against Ramdev Baba. At midnight, without any provocation, police came down on the sleeping protestors and detained Baba. Why the detention was carried at night is anybody’s guess. Baba is not a terrorist, he was not planning an attack, so why the secrecy behind his detention? Teargas shells were fired to disperse the supporters at midnight and detain Baba. Section 144 has been imposed at the Ramlila Grounds and no public gathering would be allowed at the spot.

Quite shamelessly, Congress minister Digvijay Singh claimed on news channels today morning that Ramdev Baba is a cheater. If Baba was a cheater, why were four top Congress ministers falling on baba’s feet for apst few days trying to stop him from sitting on the dharna? Digvijay also raised questions about Ramdev Baba’s wealth and claimed that Baba was hand-in-hand with religious forces. What ministers like Digvijay don’t understand is that Baba has not just helped Hindus with his Yoga, but also Muslims and people from any other religion. Branding him as a pro-Hindu and trying to create divide is just a ploy Congress has been using against BJP for the past 20 years. But probably, Congress and its ministers like Digvijay Singh have there backs to the wall and all they can do is bring out lame reasons to justify an un-democratic detention. Digvijay doesn’t understand that if he were to die today, not even 10 people will shed a tear for him, but if Baba is even scratched, Crores across the world will feel the pain.

Undoubtedly, Congress is the biggest and most corrupt party in India., From BOFORS to 2G scam, all happened under Congress regime. Congress has tried to stop the One Man who tried to bring out the names of those guilty of looting India over the years.

Baba has appealed for calm and peaceful protests and we hope that nothing untoward happens in Delhi as a result of Congress’s actions.

5 thoughts on “Congress shames democracy, detains Ramdev Baba, lathicharges supporters

  1. “‘ Baba Ramdave is doing a good awareness & awakening campaign. At last , some one has deared to voice against the collided corrupt politician & govt. official.All honest officials are side lined and suffering at hands of corrupt politicians.I hope someone will at some stage will reach to chairperson of UPA , who is Mother of all ills and epicentre of corruption. ‘”

    “‘ Culture and religion were supposed to divide the indian community but our values taught to us by our parents have been so strong and powerful we need to get India back on its feet again – we can only do this together. ‘”

    “‘ Remove corruption, remove people who are involved in corruption which is leading poor to malnutrition and who are being used by these people who are breaking the law by not paying the minimum wage what these poor people are entitled and it is their basic human right. ‘”
    “‘ desh ka kala dhan vapas le aao….Jai Hind!! ‘”


  2. “‘
    “Indians are poor but India is not a poor country ”. Says one of the swiss
    bank directors. He says that “280 lacs crore (280,00,000,000,0000) of Indian
    rupees is deposited in swiss banks which can be used for
    i. ‘Tax less’ budget for 30 yrs.
    ii. Can give 60 crore jobs to all Indians.
    iii. From any village to Delhi 4 lane roads
    iv. Forever free supply to more than 500 social projects
    v. Every citizen can get monthly 2000/- for 60 yrs.
    vi. No need of World Bank & IMF loan.
    We are proud to be part of this mission and fully support Swami Ramdev’s fight to eradicate corruption of all kinds in India. Jai Hind. ‘”


  3. Congress wallo, mera aavhan hai ki,
    Janata ke bich aate vakta security kyun cchyahiye. Logone apko vishwas ke sath hi chyun kar diya hai to aam logon se dar kaisa.
    Aam janata ke sath milane ke liye aapko security kyun lcchyahiye?
    Aao ramdev baba jaise kapade pahan ke, logon se milo.
    Aaur ramlila maidan me huee ghatanna kI maafi mango Aao police aaur security sathme na lete huye aao. milo logon ko..

  4. Aachyarya Balkrushnnaji ne kya logon par lathi barasayee hai kya?
    Tax churaana ye to politics walon ka pahle sehi dhanda hai.

    Congress ke eetnae mantri aur neta shakkar factry maen tax cchurate hai, kaala paisa ekkatha kaaraten haen. Unke against eetni jaaldi aaur naajuk saamay par koee karyawahi kab huee hai? karyawahi huee hai to kya result aaye?

    Aam admi sirf aur sirf debet khelenga kya?

  5. What our rulers want from us is to follow them weather right or wrong. Is India under the monarchy of Congress arent we yet independent! Isnt it funny that even for a right cause people are lathicharged in a democratic country with the best theoritical constitution. Difficult to understand but its time to act and support. I am ready to support to any extent and i appeal u all to join hand in hand. Also let it be a beginning towards a holostic changeover.

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