Do you think Anchal deserved to win MTV Roadies over Mohit?

Anchal won MTV Roadies 8 ‘Shotcut to Hell’, leaving behind the main contender Mohit and Suchit. This is the first time since 2005 that a girl has won Roadies.

Mohit and Suchit started as prime contenders from probably the first day of the show. Both were mentally and physically tough, both did not believe in dirty politics, but just wanted to perform and go forward. Mohit did have a few close shaves and the shows rules helped save him on those occasions, but Suchit kept going strong all through out the show. The third finalist Anchal was eliminated from the show even before the Roadies team went to Brazil, but she was given a lifeline with three others in Brazil. Anchal won the spot and made it back to Roadies team.

MTV Roadies winner is Anchal

Roadies finale saw Suchit being eliminated first. This was quite strange for many fans of Roadies as Suchit was voted as the viewer’s choice Roadies winner on MTV Roadies official Facebook page. That left Anchal and Mohit to compete.

The winner was then decided by voting. It was quite obvious to all that Roadies group did not want Mohit to win. Though he was deserving, many in the group had grudges against him as he was the main reason the others were eliminated. In such a scenario, a Vote out to decide the winner became a farce.

Anchal did prove her mettle when she performed well in last few episodes, but she no-where had the same zeal that Mohit or Suchit showed. Although Anchal has been crowned the MTV Roadies winner, many fans will feel the real winner is Mohit and Suchit.

11 thoughts on “Do you think Anchal deserved to win MTV Roadies over Mohit?

  1. she does not deserve at all….i think partiality was there for a girl to win…puja was deserving,… but mohit was d best…

  2. bande me dam hai,saayad yahe wajah hai ke sab uske oppsit hai, mai maanta hu sirf mohit he asle winer hai rodise ka,mera salaam hai tujhe rodise,,,,,,,,

  3. suchit is the right person who actually deserves roadies 8 crown………………… i really got shocked when suchit was not one of the two in the final vote out…………. if he is there in place of mohit…. aanchal would have not got the crown of roadies8………..

  4. I dnt think she deserved it at all…not at all a strong contender….she shdnt have been on the show…

  5. Suchit shoud win d crown of roadies 8. From the first day he proved himself.. Just man proposes, and God…:-(. A perfect example of LUCK factor…

  6. At d moment Suchit eliminated by a luck-testing method, and Raghu declared d system of choosing d winner (by voting).. D result was clear.. Looked like it was a plan of Raghu-Rajiv, to make her d winner..

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