Isn’t this the right time for DMK to withdraw support to UPA Govt

After the assembly election in Tamil Nadu, DMK has been left down and out. With the arrest of Kanimozhi, all hopes of an early revival looks bleak. Isn’t this then the right time for DMK to move in a new direction and withdraw support from UPA Govt.

DMK and Congress have remained in alliance for UPA 1 and UPA 2. When the 2G scam happened, Congress was shrewd enough to put all blame on DMK and its ministers, while making sure that none of its ministers are affected. As a result, some high profile ministers like DMK Chief’s daughter Kanimozhi and telecom minister A Raja were sent to jail.

Recent news reports suggest that another biggie in DMK camp, Dayanidhi Maran, may soon be questioned with relation to the scam. On 6th June, former Aircel founder, C Sivasankaran. told the CBI that Dayanidhi Maran was the one who forced him to sell his stakes in Aircel to maxis. This can only spell more trouble for DMK camp.

In a recent public meeting, DMK chief accepted that his daughter Kanimozhi is in jail because of Center’s order or complacency. DMK Chief has already pointed fingers towards Congress before saying “bad friendship will result in trouble.”

Now, the question is what are the options in front of DMK. It has lost assembly elections, it has lost faith among its voters and its main ministers are now in jail. Congress’s UPA 2 has been a massive failure with scams and rising prices making it fairly unpopular among the masses. In such a case, won’t it be the best time for DMK to come out of the UPA 2 alliance and look forward to its revival plans alone.

If DMK pulls out of UPA 2, it’d be left without a majority in the Lok Sabha. DMK’s rival AIADMK may not be eager to join hands with Congress now as she’d try to remain far away from a scam tainted party for now. Congress may then look forward to support from SP and BSP. But with Uttar Pradesh elections in 2012, both SP and BSP may want to project themselves clean and not join with the Congress. In any of these cases, DMK has nothing to lose. It’s chances of any revival are now in its hands.

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