Kapil Sibal and Congress betrays Ramdev Baba

Baba Ramdev is on Hunger strike at Ram Lila Grounds in New Delhi to demand that people involved in stashing black money abroad are punished and that the money is brought back to India. Congress however seems to be manipulating the whole situation in their effort to defame the Baba.

With the kind of support Ramdev Baba has got in his demands from general public, Congress must be a worried lot. They have already seen the public support towards Anna Hazare’s movement, and they are surely afraid os a similar mass movement led by Baba.

News reports came out today that Ramdev Baba’s demands have been agreed upon by the Govt, but soon after Congress minister Kapil Sibal showed a letter in his press conference. The letter apparently was written by Ramdev’s close aide Acharya Balkrishna in which he apparently states that the fast would be called off by Saturday afternoon. Kapil Sibal tried to showcase the letter as a sell out by Baba even before the fasting started.

Quite naturally, Ramdev Baba is miffed. He agrees that the letter was written but it was only written for a case when the Govt will agree to his demands. He still went ahead with the strike to force Govt to accept the demands. He did not want to leave the supporters midway and then get back stabbed by Congress. So, he went for the hunger strike and did not break it today afternoon because no confirmation came in from the Govt.

What Congress and Kapil Sibal has done is something which was quite expected of the party. After all these scams and corruption, one doesn’t really expect Congress to support a movement against corruption. So, the easiest way out for them would be to defame those fighting the war against corruption.

5 thoughts on “Kapil Sibal and Congress betrays Ramdev Baba

  1. The Congress attempts at disinformation are disgusting. They are questioning source of Baba Ramdev’s funds and private aircraft travels

    Guess the Gandhi family travels 2nd class train? Who funds them? Who funds the congress? Why have their kids and spouse been given state paid houses?


  2. Soniya Gandhi kaun hai?
    Soniya gandhi congress ki aeke sadasya aur aadhyaksya hai. Na wo Indian government ke administration level pe hai na minister level par.
    Congress family ki head honese uunhe desh cchyalana ka yaa sarkar ki nirnaya me interfeir karane ka aadhikar prapt nahi hota.
    wo eek samanya janata ke jaisa hi hai.
    Desh ki wyavastha to Priminister aur mantri cchyalate hai,jinko logon ne ccyhun ke diyaa hai.

  3. Aab kya rahul gandhi security ko chakma dete aakele aayenge ramleela maidan par? ramdevbaba ke sath aanshame karane? Aaaan?

    chyar policewale marne ke baad police ne firing ki thi to rahul daudte, bhagate mayavati sarkar ke khilaf bhukne lage.

    Aab to ramleela maidan par binna hathiyar, bbinna pathaar, saf sudhri jagah banakar aam long bhukhe soyen hai.

    Aaur police ke dress pahne huye janata ke lutere hamari maabahenno aaur bacchon per laathi aur goli ki baocchyar karate hai.
    Aaur upar se zute bolete hain ki log pathar maarte the eese liye laathi aaur goli cchalayee. Etna baada zute bolene wale officer ko ees kursi per rahane ka koee aadhikar nahi hai. Usne officer’s ki seat cchodni chyahiye.
    Rahul Gandhi javab do?

  4. It is true that the Govt. is not serious about issues of black money and corruption . They have crushed baba ram dev and now is the turn of team Anna Hazare.So let us see what happens.

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