PM agrees he can leave post for Rahul Gandhi

Our beloved PM Manmohan Singh has readily acknowledged that he will give up his post for inexperienced Rahul Gandhi.

All India has seen in past few years is rising prices and scams. But that does not stop Mamohan Singh from thinking how an inexperienced man like Rahul Gandhi can lead India out of the crisis.

Congress has been a strong follower of one-family rule ever since India gained freedom. But in the past couple of decades the level has stooped so low that every single member of the party now tries to show his solidarity with the Gandhi family. While we have people like Digvijay Singh calling for Rahul to become a PM now, even the PM of India now says he will give up his post to Rahul any day Rahul wants.

If the guy who leads our nation cares so low about his post, no wonder his department officials and his party men are found involved in all those scams. For them it doesn’t seem a responsibility to lead India, it just seems like a child’s play…let’s throw the ball to someone else and let’s play.

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