PM Manmohan reduced to a farce as Congress chants Rahul’s name

It happens only in India. While the ruling party Congress already has its leader Manmohan Singh as PM of India, it’s members have already started chanting Rahul’s name for PM’s post.

Manmohan Singh had a good reign in the office during his first term. The growth rate was good and no major scams were unearthed. But UPA 2 has seen a slew of scams and corruption charges. Congress leaders or its coalition partners have been found to be involved in billion dollar scam cases such as 2G scam, Adarsh society scam and CWG scam. In the past year or so, fuel prices have been increased at least 9 times. Prices of vegetables, oils and others essential commodities have also increased and Congress has not been able to control anything.

Anna Hazare’s mass movement for a Jan Lokpal bill and Baba Ramdev’s movement against Black money saw hordes of supporters coming out on street in their favour. The mood of the common man is clear. India wants a corruption-free governance, a Govt which looks after price rise, after needs of common man instead of looking after needs of its own ministers and stashing money in Swiss Banks.

Maybe Congress understood the under currents flowing against its Govt here. To deviate attention from its follies, Congress has now come up with a new game plan…the plan to fall back on the Gandhi family once more. Rahul Gandhi celebrated his 41st Birthday a few days back, though he was no where to be seen. Many news reports suggested he preferred to celebrate his Birthday in europe then to be here with Indians. However, that has not stopped his followers like Digvijay Singh and UP Congress State President Rita Bahuguna Joshi to bend on their backs and say Rahul can now be declared PM. In a total disrespect of the Democratic process, Congress just wants to impose another Gandhi family on nation’s head. In a total mockery of current PM, Congress wants to now prove that Manmohan was nothing but a puppet in the hands of Gandhi family.

Rahul is still immature and has not proven one instance of his leadership skills. To be trusted with running the country as a PM is a big ask. Only those proving their mettle can handle the job. But it seems Congress ministers like Digvijay only know the art of licking feet. They are least concerned with happens to India if an inexperienced leader like Rahul is made the PM.

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