UPA allies protest against price hike, but still support UPA

UPA allies like TMC, NCP and DMK will soon give a whole new definition to the word “irony”. While being a part of UPA Govt, they are protesting against the decisions being made by UPA.

One clearly understands the stand being taken by UPA constituents. They know people are really angry with the Congress led UPA 2, which has done nothing other than creating some major scams and increasing prices of all essential commodities. So, in order to safeguard their own political future, these regional parties have found an ingenious way. They will protest in their own respective states for the decision their own Govt took at center!

Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee supports Congress both at the center and the state, but she still tried to sound hurt on the increase of fuel prices. She declared that West Bengal will remove the state Govt cess and now LPG cylinders will cost Rs. 16 less. So, while she supports Central Govt to increase Rs. 50 per cylinder, she gives Rs. 16 off in her state, but at the end of the day, the LPG cylinder would still cost Rs. 34 extra in her state!

NCP has not just been a supporter of Congress at the Center and state but also an ally of it in magnitude of scams. Still that has not stopped the party from staging protests in Maharashtra.

DMK’s case is most amusing of all. They support Congress at the center and recently lost badly in the state polls in alliance with Congress. After 2G scam, most of their top brass members are now in jail or on the verge of getting questioned by CBI. As of now they can’t risk withdrawing support from Congress at the center as they know it’ll leave them no where on National as well as State front. Yet, they chose to demonstrate against price rise.

It’s quite clear what the real motive behind these unique constituents of UPA is. They know price rise is hurting the common man hard, the same common man who once voted and elected these people. They know opposition parties like BJP will try to make full use of the situation and gain voter sympathy. So to avoid that case, they are demonstrating against their own Govt. if any one of these political parties was serious about the plight of the common man, they’d have withdrawn support to the UPA Govt. Scams, price rise, zero governance…don’t know what other reason these parties need to withdraw support.

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