UPA Govt increases diesel, kerosene and LPG prices

UPA Govt has again increased diesel, kerosene and LPG prices which is going to directly impact the common man’s monthly budget.

Diesel prices have been increased by 8% and it will now cost an extra Rs. 3 per litre, making the price to go around Rs. 41 per litre. Kerosene prices have been increased by Rs. 2 per litre and LPG will now cost Rs. 50 more per cylinder. Proudly announcing the price raise, Congress and UPA Govt’s oil minister S. Jaipal Reddy related the rise to easing Govt subsidy burden.

The rise in prices are now going to impact the overall prices of food commodities. Most vegetable items are transported on diesel vehicles. An increase in Diesel prices will also increase vegetable prices. The daily food cost for the common man will also increase with the increase in LPG. The very same voters who elected UPA for a second term will be the hardest hit by rise in prices.

The reason behind the increase in prices can be many, but the timing is perfect for UPA. They know it’s the “cooling-off” phase for them. State Assembly elections are already over for the year, and people will start warming up for next year polls only by the year end. Just like they increased Petrol prices few days after West Bengal polling dates, an increase in fuel prices now won’t lead to a seat loss for the Congress. Even Anna Hazare’s movement on Lokpal is scheduled for August, so right now, Congress has a mandate to take these unpopular decisions and easily get away with it. That’s what politics is all about in India right now, and Congress knows how to play the game exceptionally well.

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