A Raja names PM, Chidambaram as party to 2G scam

A Raja, prime accused in 2G scam, said in court today that both PM and Chidambaram knew what he was doing and he alone cannot be faulted.

A Raja is believed to have said in front of Special CBI court today that finance minister Chidambaram had said that the sale of equity is not illegal and this was said in presence of PM. Hence, the sale of equity by Swan and Unitech to foreign companies was to attract FDI and nothing wrong as per corporate law.

Raja also defended himself saying that he just followed the policy of his predecessors and the NDA Govt. And if he is wrong, then even his predecessors were wrong and should be arrested.

With PM getting dragged into the 2G scam mess, don’t expect the probe to be finished anytime soon. It will now just get more delayed.

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