BJP forces Yeddyurappa to resign, Congress cheerful

After the Lokayukta report by Justice Santosh Hegde came out, it was quite evident that BJP will force Yeddyurappa to resign, bringing a smile to Congress faces.

BJP had a minimal base in south India before they won the 2008 assembly elections under Yeddyurappa. The state has developed quite well under BJP. I have been to Bangalore and the way the city is developing, it will surely surpass any of the 4 major metros in the years to come.

But it was never an easy ride for Yeddyurappa in Karnataka. He has been attacked by an in-house quarrel as well as by opposition parties like Congress and JD-S. But, with some tactful political skills, Yeddyurappa managed to survive every crisis.

Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa

However, after the Lokayukta report indicted him in the illegal mining scam, Yeddyurappa has been left with very limited options. The report says that not just Yeddyurappa but his entire family were paid bribes and the total loss to the state has been put at Rs. 1600 Crore.

After the report came out, Congress and JD-S intensified their demand of removal of the Govt. Karnataka Governor Bharadwaj, a Congress and Gandhi family loyalist, has shown in the past how keen he is to remove the BJP Govt. So, this left BJP with little choice but to remove Yeddyurappa and save the Govt.

If Yeddyurappa is made to resign, the Reddy brothers, Ministers G Karunakara and G Janardhana, who are considered the masterminds behind the mining scam, will be asked to leave as well.

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