Congress minister Digvijay Singh says Suresh Kalmadi is innocent

While the entire nation is reeling under burden of heavy scams committed in Congress regime, Congress minister Digvijay Singh has shamelessly said that CWG scam accused Suresh Kalmadi and Adarsh scam accused Ashok Chavan are both innocent!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi finds scams and faults in everything that Maywati does in UP like the land allocation deals in greater noida. At least Mayawati’s involvement has not been clear yet, neither CBI has framed any charges against her. But that did not stop Rahul from shouting at the top of his voice that Mayabati and BSP are corrupt. However in case of CWG scam accused Kalmadi and Adarsh society scam accused Ashok Chavan enough proof has been provided by CBI and even Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the case.

But that does not stop Congress from speaking in favour of the accused. Congress maverick leader Digvijay Singh shamed entire India today when he claimed that his brother Suresh Kalmadi has been jailed wrongly. He said “We feel sorry for Suresh Kalmadi who is suffering hardships, and also for Ashok Chavan. In my personal opinion, both of them are innocent. But whenever any corruption charges are levelled, Soniaji has to take action.” When Digvijay was saying these lines, his paid supporters were clapping. That is what Congress party has now become. A party which claps for its leaders even when they know that the leaders are speaking absolute rubbish.

How shameless can a man get? How shameful can Congress get? When entire India is fighting against corruption, it’s ministers are vouching for those who have been almost proved guilty by the law!

Assembly elections in 2012 may come as an eye opener to Congress.

2 thoughts on “Congress minister Digvijay Singh says Suresh Kalmadi is innocent

  1. Is Congress on the Mission to Legalize Crime? What kind of Cabinet Reshuffle PM Manmohan is going to make when CROOK like DIGGY would still hold position on Top Brass, who always feels BABA’s as Thughs & has soft corner for TERRORISTS-LOOTERS as BROTHERS ? If so, then why the Liars Spokespersons of Congress Cheats the Country on National TV that they are reluctant to fight graft and because of that Ashok Chavan has ti resign and Kalmadi is in Jail? Why DISCRIMINATORY to their CO-Partner A Raja & Kanimozhi?

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