CWG scammer Kalmadi suffering from dementia, clever way to escape punishment

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CWG scammer Kalmadi suffering from dementia, clever way to escape punishment

CWG scam accused Suresh Kalmadi was at the helm of India Sports for decades, but not once was his great qualities like forgetfulness or memory loss informed to Indians. We just left the fate of our sports persons in the hands of someone who faced impaired reasoning, personality changes and dementia!!!

CWG scam accused Suresh Kalmadi

Congress has committed many scams over past several decades. Almost all of its major leaders have been tainted in one scam or another. But till date, no minister has been as ingenious as Suresh kalmadi when it comes to giving reasons behind committing the scam.

When it has now been established beyond doubt that Suresh kalmadi was involved in the CWG scam and brought shame to India in the global sports event, he decided to escape the punishment by a novel method. His lawyers have told the court that 66 year old Suresh kalmadi is suffering from dementia, a disease related to memory loss, impaired reasoning and personality changes.

If found true, Kalmadi may escape being frame for the crime under the pretext of impaired reasoning due to a disease. But still, what India will never understand is how this guy was allowed to run the entire ports set up of the country if he was really suffering from this.

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