Day after Mumbai blasts, this is what our politicians are saying

A day after Mumbai blasts, our politicians are back to their dirty selves. The ruling party Congress’s leaders are giving one after the other stupid comments while BJP is saying what it has been saying after every such attack.

Here’s some gems coming from our Great Leaders:

1. Rahul Gandhi: the man Congress claims has the potential to rule India has time and again shown his minute mindset by giving out irresponsible comments. Here’s what he said “99 per cent of terror attacks in the country had been halted thanks to improved intelligence and other measures. It is very difficult to stop any single terrorist attack.”

2. Digvijay Singh: the self proclaimed messiah of minorities, Digvijay Singh has a non-stop foot in mouth disease. Congress party General Secretary Digvijay Singh said “India is better than Pakistan where blasts take place every day, every week. Even the US has to go through the 9/11 attacks.”

3. Chidambaram: The home minister has said “there was no intel alert about the blasts” They why the hell are you heading the ministry when you can’t even have a proper intelligence dept, especially in Mumbai, which is prone to attacks over the past decade.

4. Manmohan Singh: he has been saying the same things over price rise, over corruption and now over terrorist attack. Doesn’t even deserve a mention here of what he said as it’s nothing new.

5. L K Advani: when India needs a strong opposition, Advani is just using old statements blaming Congress, blaming Pak. We need a united opposition Advani Ji so Congress can be removed from India.

6. Gadkari: don’t know what he said…he’s no where in news! No wonder BJP can’t win against Congress.

7. Raj Thackeray: When everyone has something to say, how can Raj Thackeray be left behind. Like Digvijay Singh believes every terror attack in India is done by RSS, Raj Thackeray believes every wrong thing in Mumbai is related to poor migrant workers from Bihar and UP. This is what he said “”Maharashtra crime rate has increased in the last 10 years. Examine from where the people perpetrating the crimes come from. Every time we cannot blame police department or failure of intelligence as it is not possible to control the number of people due to migrants.”

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