Greater Noida Extension Land Acquisition cancelled for two more villages

Allahabad High Court on Tuesday scrapped land acquisition for two more villages in the Greater Noida Extension area.

589 hectares of land in Patwari and Dewla village was cancelled today. This will affect projects of a dozen builders in that region which include projects of Supertech, Arihant, Amrapali, Sampoornam, Ajnara and Patel Neo Town.

The decision today comes just days after the cancellation of land allotment in the Shahberi village of Greater Noida extension by the Supreme Court.

This entire week is going to be tough for builders and flat owners of the Greater Noida extension area. After today’s verdict, all eyes are now on Wednesday’s verdict for land acquisition issue of Roja and Yaqubpur village. Thursday also the High Court will decide on the fate of lands from Itheda, Haibatpur, Jalapur, Malcha, Birak and Ghangola villages of Greater Noida region.

All villages in the region have the same story to tell. The Greater Noida land authority took the land from them at cheap prices citing industrial development in the region. Few years later, they changed the status of the land from industrial project to residential project and sold the land for 4 to 5 times higher price to private builders.

Greater Noida Land Acquisition scrapping

Right now, people who bought flats in the area are a worried lot as the future is fairly uncertain. Litigation and counter litigation between builders and farmers will only delay the construction of buildings, directly leading to monetary losses for owners. It’s yet to be seen as to what punishment is given to real plotters of the entire scam, mainly the people in Govt and those in Greater Noida Authority.

The land allotments may become one of the biggest poll issues for the upcoming Uttar Pradesh elections 2012.

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