Indian Politicians need to learn from Rupert Murdoch

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Indian Politicians need to learn from Rupert Murdoch

When reports of alleged phone hacking scandal by British tabloid “News of the World” came out, it’s owner Rupert Murdoch decided to close the newspaper. This despite being the fact that the tabloid has the largest circulation in the world! If only our corrupt Indian politicians can learn anything from this, India can be made a great place.

News of the world closed

News of the World started publication on 1st Oct 1843 in London and Sunday 10th July 2011 will see its last publication. But it’s not being closed because of an economic meltdown. The reason behind its closure is corruption. It’s journalists have been alleged to use phone-hacking and payments to police officers to gain juicy news and updates on current affairs.

News of the World sells 2,812,005 copies per week and is the largest English language newspaper read across the world, but still that did not deter it’s owner Rupert Murdoch from closing the newspaper when the scandal broke out.

Consider something similar happening in India. A classic case is the 2G scam where we have phone records, we have ample proofs that bureaucrats and politicians from the ruling Congress coalition misused the power and scammed India. But, none of these politicians had the decency to come out and accept the mistake and speak the truth. They are all hiding behind their veils and even those in jail know it’s just a matter of time before they’d come out. Once out, they’d again scam India. Within years people will forget 2G scam and these shameless criminals can continue to do what they have been doing.

If only India had people like Rupert Murdoch managing it, we’d have been closer to America and England in terms of development.

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