Noida Extension Land Problem: why are the guilty not being punished

Greater Noida Extension promised dream homes to a lot of middle-class buyers, but now the bubble has burst and buyers as well as builders are facing the brunt. But UP state Govt and members of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, who are actually responsible for the entire mess, are having a wonderful time.

After the High Court verdict on Tuesday cancelling the land acquisition in Patwari village of Noida Exension, UP Govt decided to relive chairman Mohindar Singh and CEO Rama Raman of Noida Authority. But is the suspension enough?

Noida Authoirty has not just cheated farmers. It also cheated thousands of home buyers by colluding with Builders and allowing them to start selling and building flats when the land itself was under dispute. Mayawati’s state Govt and Noida Authority are hence directly responsible for all the mess. Ever since the problem started, not even one member of GNIDA has been arrested. No cases have been filed against these people who broke the dream of over 3.5 lakh middle-class home buyers.

Removing the CEO and Chairman is nothing but a hogwash. Both Singh and Raman have been removed from Noida Authority, but they will continue to remain Chairman and CEO of Greater Noida Authority. Singh is also the chairman of another high profile project “The Taj Expressway“. So the duo would be least bothered by their removals.

Meanwhile, the developers have declared that they would only return the money when they have been compensated by the GNIDA. It’s estimated that if all land acquisition in the area is cancelled, at least a dozen builders may file for bankruptcy as they won’t have enough cash to repay the buyers.

There has to be a lot of dirty money involved in the way land was sold to builders. We just hope that the actual people guilty in this are exposed and punished soon. this issue will surely be a hot one during the Uttar Pradesh elections 2012.

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