Rahul Gandhi ends Congress rally, more than farmers it was about UP elections

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ended Congress rally on Saturday. It was broadcasted as a rally to help the farmers who are fighting for their lands, but it ended being about Congress campaign for UP elections.

Mayawati has been under fire recently because of the Supreme Court’s ruling, cancelling the land allotments in the Shahberi village of Greater Noida. Congress saw this as a prime opportunity to launch a campaign in support of the innocent farmers who have lost their land to the builders and Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority at cheap prices.

Nothing wrong with Congress’s plans here. Except the fact that Rahul Gandhi’s rally wasn’t really in support of the farmers. It was actually an attempt by Congress to grab eyeballs before the start of Uttar Pradesh elections scheduled in 2012. Throughout the rally, more than talking about farmer’s plight, Rahul Gandhi was seen busy attacking Mayawati on one front or the other.

It’s interesting to note here that not one word was spoken by Rahul Gandhi against Mulayam Singh Yadav or his Samajwadi Party. This can very well mean a hidden understanding between Congress and SP to fight the UP polls together.

If only Rahul Gandhi or some politician was actually serious about the cause of common man and innocent farmers who have lost their land, things could have been sorted out. But all Rahul and Congress are trying to do right now is use the situation in their favour to win some seats in Assembly elections. That, as we all know, is not going to solve the issue here.

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