Shameless Digvijay speaks again: Claims Hindu outfits hand in Mumbai attack

Congress leader and one of the most shameless guys in Indian politics, Digvijay Singh has spoken again, claiming Hindu terror groups hand in Mumbai blasts.

While entire India is shocked at the recent Mumbai bomb blasts, which claimed innocent lives, Congress and its leaders are busy trying to create a communal divide between Hindus and Muslims. Congress has stopped so low that for its survival it sees Muslim vote bank appeasement as the only way.

Despite clear indications by the Govt and security agencies that Indian Mujahideen was involved in the Mumbai blasts, Congress and its leaders are now trying to do dirty politics by blaming Hindu outfits.

Digvijay Singh, who has lost his base in politics, is trying to create a new identity for himself by giving out these controversial comments. But, ion reality he does not know that when a bomb kills people, it doesn’t know whether it killed Hindus or Muslims or friends of them. When people die, both Hindus and Muslims feel the pain in the same way. it’s politicians like Congress leader Digvijay Singh who try to create a divide between communities.

Congress has failed the country in all departments, from terror control to scams to rising prices, people are taking note. Such cheap tactics by Congress won’t help it win another poll.

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