Anna storm hits Congress hard, nation behind Anna

As Anna’s fast against corruption now enters its 7th day, Congress Govt at the center is reeling under pressure. 1 lakh strong crowd at the Ramlila ground supporting Anna has shown to the Congress how strongly Anna’s movement is being backed by the entire nation.

I was not born when India’s struggle for freedom started and when Mahatma Gandhi stood against the British forces with his satyagraha. Off the 1 lakh strong ground at the Ramlila grounds, I am sure 80% won’t have been born when when India gained Independence. But what we are witnessing now is probably nothing short of the Independence struggle.

Here’s one man, 74 years of age, standing so tall that even PM of India looks weak in front of him. Anna Hazare has single handedly done what entire opposition was not able to in past few years. Ever since UPA 2 came in power, India has been marred with scams. From 2G scam to Commonwealth Games, Congress and its allies at Center looted India to the full. With a weak opposition, Congress felt it ahd a mandate to do what it wants to do unopposed.

Anna Hazare fights against corruption at Ramlila Grounds

Anna’s crusade against corruption and his fast for Jan Lokpal bill has pushed Congress back. The support Anna has received from the common man has Congress worried about its future. People are not just at Ramlila ground supporting Anna. From Delhi to Chennai, people are coming out of their homes raising voices in his support. Everyone’s tired of the corrupt politicians now and the way Congress has dealt with scams like BOFORS before, no one believes anything would actually happen to the culprits under Congress regime.

I’d like to point here that it’s time for India to unite and fight against politician aided corruption. If we let go of this opportunity, we will never get back on path to development and a corruption free India. We highly condemn the statement from Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, who has asked Muslims to stay away from Anna’s crusade just because Anna’s movement shouts “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. Mr. Bikhari must understand that similar concerns were raised during India’s freedom struggle and he is repeating the same mistake now for petty politics. Muslims have been affected by corruption as much as any other Indian. To ask Muslims to stay away from the fight against corruption is giving a religious fervor to the National cause and it will amount to just helping Congress wiggle out of this. Every Indian should raise voice against corruption and stay united now. It’s not the time for religion politics.

Anna has shown India what one person can do. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Anna is peacefully demonstrating what India actually wants. This is India’s second freedom struggle. Freedom against corruption. Let’s all join and support Anna in his cause.

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