Congress gameplan 2014 aptly aided by BJP, NDTV and Rediff

It’s so easy to rule India if you come from a Gandhi family. That is what Congress has shown to us over the past few decades. Now preparing for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Congress is being aptly helped by a weak opposition led by BJP and Indian media like NDTV and rediff.

In the past, BJP has lost elections on relatively trivial issues like the rise in price of onions. But in past few years, we have seen Congress being bombarded on one issue after the other. From 2G scam to CWG scam to Adarsh Society scam, Congress and its ministers played a very vital role in utilizing the money meant for development for personal gains. Prices of all essential commodities have gone up and fuel as well as LPG prices have increased tremendously.

One would have thought that Congress follies will prevent it from winning 2014 General elections, but as it stands now, this seems far from true. Congress is being helped in the run up to 2-14 elections by none other than it’s main opposition party BJP. BJP stands as a completely divided unit devoid of any agenda. Because of heavy criticism, BJP let go of its Hindutva ideology. Where it needed to project itself to an alternative to Congress, it decided to sit back and just shout Congress is bad. India needs a plan from BJP to say what they can give, not information on why Congress is not good. With Karnataka CM being attacked by the Lokayukta in illegal mining scam, BJP is also losing the moral ground to call Congress scammers. Central leadership of BJP is noticed only when they come out with some comments making a mockery of Gandhi family. But, attacking Gandhi family alone won’t help BJP win 2014 polls. There has to be a definitive gameplan, India needs to know who BJP’s 2014 PM candidate is, what they will do to save India from scams…but as of now no answer is coming.

Apart from BJP, Congress is aided heavily by media channels like NDTV and rediff. Involvement of NDTV reporter Barkha Dutt in political affairs of the Congress was quite evident from the tapes of Nira Radia. If you watch news on NDTV or read the editorials of rediff, you will find that they are tailor made to please Congress and embarrass BJP. When Congress leader Digvijay gives weird statements on RSS or supports terrorists for vote bank politics, it’s not shown on these channels, but when BJP leaders speak something out of line, it becomes a headline for them. Congress scam cases may not find a mention in their primitive news, but BJP’s Karnataka misery will be shown for days.

If things do not change soon, get ready for another 5 years of Congress starting in 2014.

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