Politicians now defending terrorists in the name of religion

India is a secular state, but when it comes to politics, politicians forget that and they start to talk of religion, even when that means saving the life of a terrorist.

Rajiv Gandhi assassins were to be hanged on 9th Sep in Vellore. But a stay order of eight weeks was taken on the death sentence from Madras High Court. The Tamil Nadu Assembly for once came together and passed a resolution asking for clemency for the three accused on death penalty. The reason behind such noble cause is just one – the accused are all Tamils and every political party in Tamil Nadu is now trying to save their life so that they can claim votes in the name of being pro-Tamil.

Omar Abdullah Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister

A day after Tamil Nadu’s episode, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister has sparked a controversy. He equated Muslim terrorist on death row, Afzal Guru, with killers of Rajiv Gandhi. In a shameful statement which reeks of nothing but religion based politics, Omar Abdullah said “If J and K assembly had passed a resolution similar to the Tamil Nadu one for Afzal Guru, would the reaction have been as muted? I think not.”

Afzal Guru has been on a death penalty ever since he attacked Parliament in 2001 and his mercy petition is pending with the President of India. Several policemen laid their lives to protect the politicians on that day, but Omar’s statement showed today how little he cared about the Indian lives lost.

If we have politicians like Omar who only do caste and religion based politics, it becomes very clear why we still have Mumbai attacks terrorist, Azmal Kasab, leaving peacefully in India. Unless India has the guts to give swift death penalties to terrorists irrespective of their religion and unless politicians change their mindset and start understanding that a terrorist does not have any religion, India will continue to see terror attacks from the people.

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