Salman Khan’s Bodyguard creates Box Office history despite negative reviews

Salman Khan’s Bodyguard has opened to packed houses, even in the multiplexes, across India and has created an opening day Box Office history despite getting negative reviews.

With Salman Khan movies, it’s now becoming a trend. The critics will come out and write the movie off. The fans will then come out and make sure the movie ends a blockbuster.

Here are some reviews given by critics:

Salman Khan as Bodyguard

NDTv: Saibal Chatterjee (2 Stars)

“if you value the mop on your scalp and the grey cells in your head and want guard yourself against this potentially mind-numbing body blow, give it a miss. Better be safe than sorry!”


“‘Bodyguard’ is a typical Salman entertainer, yet there are moments [in its second hour specifically] that make it stand apart from all Salman starrers we have witnessed in the recent past, which includes ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Ready’.”

Bodyguard has been directed by Siddique. Including the Hindi version, the movie has already been released in four different languages, off which three has been directed by Siddique. It was first released in Malayalam on Aug 31st, then in Tamil followed by the current Hindi version. The next release is the Telugu version.

Bodyguard may or may not appeal to the critics, but seeing the love Salman Khan gets from his fans, the movie is sure to be a big hit. The movie timing is also crucial as Salman Khan movies have always done good business at the Box Office during the Eid season.

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