Karnataka minister Janardhan Reddy arrested by CBI in illegal mining case

In a swift action early Monday morning, powerful Karnataka minister Janardhan Reddy was arrested by the CBI in connection with the illegal mining case.

15 member CBI team secretly reached Janardhan reddy’s home and conducted search which yielded Rs. 4.5 Crore in cash and over 30 Kgs of gold. Reddy’s brother in law and Managing Director of Obalapuram Mining Company B V Srinivas Reddy was also arrested and Rs. 1.5 Crore cash was seized from his home.

Janardhan Reddy is arrested by CBI

Reddy and his two brothers have been often accused of an illegal mining scam in Bellary, which saw the brothers amass exorbitant amount of money. Their father was a police constable, but their current wealth in way suggests so. They have been charged with criminal conspiracy, cheating, theft, corruption and illegal mining, under the Indian Penal Code, Prevention of Corruption Act, Indian Forest Act and Mines and Minerals Regulation Act.

Today’s arrest has not been because of the Lokayukta. It’s in connection with the case filed by CBI against the Reddy brothers in Andhra Pradesh. Janardhan Reddy and Srinivas Reddy are
being taken to Hyderabad, where they’d be produced before a court.

While arrest and prompt action by CBI against anyone accused of a scam is highly appreciated, the swiftness with which CBI acts against BJP leaders is questionable. In South, Karnataka is the first state ruled by BJP. Congress loyalist Governor in Karnataka, H R Bharadwaj, tried all he can to de-stabilize the Govt there, but he was unsuccessful. Congress is already under pressure because of corruption cases against its party and ministers, so CBI’s swiftness against a rival party only smells fishy.

2 thoughts on “Karnataka minister Janardhan Reddy arrested by CBI in illegal mining case

  1. I dont know if this website is governed by a BJP follower or not. But just to remind the Admin that every one is corrupt may it be Congress or BJP or RJD or CMP. So instead of favoring one single Party lets try to form a new India where every one should feel responsible.

    1. Dear Debanjan,
      We are not about favoring BJP or Congress. We just believe in fair play. If CBI acts swiftly against BJP, it should act equally swift against Congress. Corruption should always be seen on same scale and not on the basis of political parties or religion.

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