Assembly elections near, Congress busy giving out petrol pumps

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Assembly elections near, Congress busy giving out petrol pumps

With an eye on upcoming assembly elections in 2012, Congress is busy giving out petrol pumps in most of the states scheduled to go to polls.

Petrol and diesel prices have been rising ever since UPA 2 came into power. One of the most common reasons given for the rise in prices is that the oil companies are facing a huge loss. But when it comes to safeguarding its own political future, Congress forgets what loss oil companies are making.

A recent order has forced state run oil companies to create 11,600 new dealers. This in itself will push the companies back by over Rs 5000 crore. Plus an additional burden of Rs. 50 lakh per year per new unit for maintenance and upkeep. But, no doubt the actual move behind this would be the lucrative black money that ruling party can make from people who will pay to get a patrol pump ownership. And all this black money can then be used for state polls.

Uttar Pradesh has been allocated 2600 new pumps as it’s one of the major states going to elections next year. Other states which go to poll are Gujarat, with 1100 allocations, Uttarakhand with 700 and Punjab with 600 allocations for new pumps. Congress minister S Jaipal Reddy’s home state Andhra Pradesh is getting 1800 pumps while Congress rules Rajasthan will be forced to have 1800 new petrol pumps as well.

State Assembly elections 2012

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