Ra One advance booking starts, will it be a Diwali blockbuster?

Shah Rukh’s eagerly awaited movie Ra One is all set to be released on Wednesday, 26th Oct, the day of Diwali festival.

Advance bookings for Ra. One has started across several multiplexes. The movie is expected to be released in 2100 theaters in Hindi which will show the movie on 3100 screens. it’s also going to be released across 350-400 screens in south in Tamil and Telugu. #D version of Ra. One will hit 600 screens across India.

Shah Rukh Khan as G1 in Ra One

Compared to Salman Khan’s Bodyguard, which was released in 1950 theaters across 2700 screens, Ra. One is going to have a bigger release. But will it become a bigger hit than Bodyguard? Salman’s Bodyguard is still going strong having amassed over Rs. 140 Crore ever since its release.

Fans of Shah Rukh will hope Ra. One goes on to become a cult movie and break Salman Khan movie records, but only time will tell if this happens or not.

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