Congress ruled state Manipur completes 100 days of economic blockade

Manipur has been under complete economic blockade for 100 days now and it’s a shame that Congress Govt in the state and at the Center is doing absolutely nothing to dissolve the crisis.

Nort-eastern states have often raised concerns that people at the Center don’t really care about them. Congress is now proving that to people in Manipur. While innocent people and common man suffer in Manipur, there is absolutely no interest being shown by the central Govt to show that they are trying to resolve the blockade.

At the center of conflict in Senapati, trucks and vehicles are lined on the road in flames. The demand of the Nagas in this area is that they won’t allow further bifurcation of the district to create a Kuki-dominated Sadar Hills. Naga and Kuki tribes share an animosity-filled past and the blockade of the National Highway for past 100 days has wrecked havoc on people living there, increasing costs of every single commodity.

Till the Congress Govt at the center and the state take things seriously, people in Manipur will continue to suffer. Manipur Assembly elections are also due in 2012.

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