Haridwar stampede: 16 dead, several more injured

A freak stampede at Haridwar killed 16 people while several others have been injured.

A Yagna was being performed at Shantikunj Ashram as part of centenary celebrations of Shantikunj Ashram founder Pandit Shreeram Sharma. A large number of followers tried to enter the narrow gates at the same time, which led to the stampede.

The stampeded broke out at Gayatri Mahakumbh in Chandiweep area of Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Lakhs of people attend this mahakumbh every year.

The administration would be solely blamed for this as proper arrangements may not have been done. Whenever a large crowd of devotees gather, stampede like situation is a known possibilty. But, it seems like the district administration ws ill equipped to manage the huge crowd influx.

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