Story of Rising Petrol Prices and Two Faced Politicians

India is suffering under UPA-II and there’s no doubt about it. Rising petrol prices in the past year and two-faced politicians who support UPA-II at the center but still claim to oppose its price-rise policies are wreaking havoc on all Indians.

In the past 12 months, petrol prices have been increased 11 times. Correspondingly, prices of all essential commodities have increased. But Congress has turned a blind eye towards the plight of common man. They know they have enough seats at the moment to keep the Govt going till 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Allies of Congress like Trinamool Congress and DMK are too weak and two-faced to withdraw support from Congress. After yesterday’s price hike of petrol, Trinamool Chief Mamata Banerjee feigned anger at the decision and even said she was thinking of withdrawing support from the Govt. But as we all know, these politicians just know how to protect their interests and project themselves as mass-saviours. That is what Mamata Banerjee was doing. She knows quite well she won’t be withdrawing support from Congress at the center as she enjoys Congress support in her home state.

Same applies to another Congress ally DMK. They too said it was wrong of Congress to increase costs, but they are too afraid to withdraw support at the center as well. Their ministers are already in doldrums over 2G scam and distancing itself from Central Govt at this moment may prove to be a very bad move for them.

So India will continue to suffer till 2013 at least. Just one year before the elections, we may all see some real populist moves, lower prices of petrol and everything good India was hoping for, so that Congress can once again win a General election.

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