Aakash Tablet is here now, buy online for Rs 2500 only

Aakash Tablet has been launched by DataWind, the Canadian company which is manufacturing the Android tablet. You can buy it online with a Cash on Delivery option from DataWind’s website.

Aakash Tablet UbiSlate 7

As of now, only students can book the tablet online and pay through CoD for Aakash. This version of the tablet is available for Rs. 2500 only. An upgraded version of Aakash, known as UbiSlate 7 will be available for general public at Rs. 2999 and will be available from next year. To purchase Aakash or UbiSlate, you will need to visit Aakash Datawind website and fill the request form.

UbiSlate 7 is going to be powered by a Connexant Processor with 256 MB RAM and will have 2GB internal memory. It will also have option to add upto 32 GB external memory card. The tablet includes 2 USB 2.0 ports, 3.5 mm audio jack and a 7 inch display with 800*480 pixel resolution. The tablet’s weak point s it’s battery life and on full charge, it’s expected to give a back up of just about 3 hrs. As of now, the tablet will feature Android 2.2 version and there’s no news of an upgraded OS yet.

Whether the tablet is a success or not, one thing is certain – it will sell like a piece of Hot Cake. You can’t even get a good mobile on that price and to get a 7 inch screen with Android support, it’s just enough for a lot of people. We wish Aakash tablet all the best.

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