Gujarat Riots 10th Anniversary: How partisan can media get

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Gujarat Riots 10th Anniversary: How partisan can media get

The 10th anniversary of Gujarat riots has seen Congress and BJP attacking each other on issues related to Godhra riots of 2002, but what has emerged as a disturbing trend is the way certain sections of media are siding with political parties.

10 long years have passed since Godhra riots. Some Hindu pilgrims were burned alive on a train in 2002 and that started the riots which left hundreds dead in Gujarat. On the 10th anniversary of Godhra riots political parties like BJP and Congress are still trying to blame each other for the riots. While BJP says that 10 years after the riots, the state has moved on and every section of society in Gujarat including the Muslims are prospering, Congress wants to go back to old blame games by saying Narendra Modi should be punished.

Gujarat and Godhra Riots

What has emerged as a disturbing trend in India is the role media is playing. Some News channels can be clearly seen speaking the voice of Congress. For past three days all they have shown is one view regarding the Godhra riots. They have blamed Narendra Modi for not acting during the riots, they have shown how innocent Muslim lives were lost, but not once did they show how well the state is now growing. Such partisan behaviour by Tv channels can seriously harm the Indian society. To favour Congress, these channels are just showing the public one side of the coin.

Has media forgotten how Congress and its ministers who still have a significant role in the party were allegedly involved in the 1984 Sikh riots? Has media forgotten that as compared to Godhra riots a lot more people die every year in India because of scam and corruption, and because the money meant for poor people end up in the houses of ministers like Kripashankar Singh? Is the blame game really helping anyone in 2012? Why can’t media just give the correct picture and show Indians that it’s not about Hindus or Muslims anymore…it’s all about growth and development.

Gujarat Assembly elections are scheduled in Nov-Dec 2012 and the polls held in Uttar Pradesh and 4 other states will see the election results coming out on March 6th.

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