Mamata Banerjee’s flip-flop continues, was Railway budget issue a staged drama?

Mamata Banerjee and her party continued to bewilder not just ally Congress but entire India today with their flip-flop attitude and it now seems that the entire issue created by her on the Railway budget price increase was nothing more than a staged drama.

When the Railway Budget was presented yesterday by TMC leader Dinesh Trivedi, Mamata Banerjee went berserk against her party MP’s plan to raise passenger fares. She said that at no cost will the fares be allowed to be raised. By evening, news reports came that she had even asked PM to replace her minister with a new minister from her party. Talks started if Mamata was planning to pull the plug on UPA Govt and bring mid-term polls on the country.

By night, the development got interesting. Congress appointed Pranab Mukherjee to deal with Mamata. Mamata sent a letter to PM which apparently asked for Dinesh Trivedi to be sacked. News reports came out saying Congress has approached SP to help UPA in case Mamata takes away her support. SP has 22 members in Parliament as compared to Mamata’s 19.

By morning situation had dramatically changed again. It seems that Congress was able to compel Mamata to stay in UPA fold by threatening to go with SP. In Parliament, TMC leaders suddenly changed their tones and said that they will not take away the support from Congress at the center and that the Govt will last its full five year term. So, what really brought the sudden change in TMC attitude? Doubts are being raised that whether Mamata staged all the drama of price rise to just make sure that she is not politically affected, but in reality she knows she will not be able to extract a complete roll-back. What will actually happen is that new Railway Minister may give a partial roll-back and Mamata will then go to public saying she got them the discount, when in relaity public will still be paying a lot more than they currently are.

Do you think Indian Lok Sabha election will happen before 2014? let us know.

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