Congress gifts nation a Rs 7.50/litre increase in petrol prices

Just days after UPA II completed three years in office, Congress has gifted nation a Rs. 7.50 increase in petrol prices.

Rupee has been depreciating heavily in past few weeks and it has even breached Rs 56 to a dollar mark today. It was widely expected that fuel prices are round the corner but no one was expecting such a steep increase in prices.

Petrol prices raised again

If Rupee is depreciating or if the economy is not doing well, it is the Govt which needs to be blamed. Why should the common man suffer for mistakes made by Congress? While they enjoy their time in scams and bleed India dry by stashing money in safe heavens abroad, we are left to pay by increase in fuel costs. What are the measures Govt is taking to control the price rise? It does nothing other than trying out ways to save the Govt at the center and once it is sure that it will be able to save the Govt, it goes ahead and increases prices.

This time, it has increased price only after Mulayam Singh Yadav assured them of support in the Presidential elections. Congress now knows for sure that in case Mamata Banerjee withdraws her support, Mulayam will be there to save the Govt now.

Mamata Banerjee, as we all know, is also not really in a position to lose her control at the Center. She is not doing too well at State level and by withdrawing support she will only jeopardize her position at center. So, Mamata has come out with another excuse this time not to withdraw support. She says she won’t topple the government ‘like CPI-M’ as it will only create economic and political instability. Mamata so far has come up with millions of reasons not to withdraw support from the Govt after every price rise, but she still keeps saying she works only for the poor!

Another UPA ally DMK Cheif Karunanidhi won’t raise his voice because he knows his daughter as well as important party leaders are out of jail in the 2G scam at Congress’s mercy.

So, overall, none of the political parties which are ally of UPA II have the guts left to get a rollback done against any decision of Congress which can lead to price rise. The end result will be that the common man will be left suffering.

A petrol price increase won’t just affect your travel budget. It will impact everything. From grocery prices to vegetables, everything will get costly.

In Delhi, petrol which was earlier at 65.54 Rs a litre will now cost Rs. 73.14 per litre.

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