MTV Roadies 9: Vikas Voted out, Fans Shocked

MTV Roadies 9 saw its only true performer Vikas being voted out on 19th May because of another twist in the format of the show.

Vikas has been a consistent performer in Roadies 9 and he was probably the only one not involved in politics and concentrated mostly on his caliber to move forward in the show. Naturally, because of his capabilities, he was always a target to be removed from the show by fellow contestants. In an expected twist to the show, people eliminated from the show in Indian episodes were brought back to compete and ear a spot back in the America leg of the show. Aarsh, Taranjeet and Anirudh were the final three left off which 2 were to make it back and one was to be eliminated. Aarsh and Taranjeet made it back to Roadies 9 while Anirudh was eliminated. Kanak Raju also made it back to the show, which has got some fans happy as Kanak was also a good performer before being voted out in India.

Mtv Roadies 9

Earlier Aarsh, Taranjeet and Anirudh were given a big job of picking two people to be eliminated from the current Roadies team in America. The three decided to pick on Abhishek Shetty, who was one of the weakest Roadies contenders in its 9 seasons and Vikas, who was expected by many to win Roadies. But the twists introduced in the show by Raghu-Rajiv duo has made sure that Vikas has to go out.

With Vikas gone, his good friend and fellow Roadies contestant Manali was left heart broken. But apart from Manali, millions of fans of the show were left angry and irritated. Vikas was not just a strong contender he was probably the only one who performed all his tasks well. If anyone deserved to be called a Roadie, it is him. But like last year when the favourite contestant Mohit was made to lose to make a weak contestant Aanchal win it, this year it seems will follow a similar trend.

MTV Roadies Facebook Fan page has been bombarded with hate messages from several followers of the show and it’d be intersting to see if yet another twist brings back Vikas in the episodes to come.

15 thoughts on “MTV Roadies 9: Vikas Voted out, Fans Shocked


    Yes it is actually very shocking and heart breaking. He deserved 2 win not 2 be voted out… Will he come back??????????????
    My favourite was him only… bt now wen he is not dere,i dn think i ‘l watch it any more… Roadies is my favourite show.. i love 2 watch it….. pls pls pls take him back…
    its a request to Raghu sir, pls call him again… U say who deserve should stay in,den y dis… pls pls pls sir bring him back……………

  2. Want you back yrrrrr;(
    u r a rockerrr…..
    I grenty u yr maximum watch ab… Roadies km dekhege… And behind the scean jayda…:) bech… The team rockzzzzzzz

  3. Plz bring vikas back,he is the real roadie,he has all the capabilities of being a roadie.he is my favourite 1 can perform the tasks like him.plz call him back.plzzz

  4. vikas was a true roadie……he ws my fvrite…he plyd vei vell all throghout d show….n he dnt deserve to go back till finals…..plz…bring him back in d game……its a request….plzz

  5. vikas was a true roadie ……..plz raghu and rajeev vikas ka jana rodies 9 ke shaan jana. plz call him back

  6. It is very shocking and heart breaking ki vikas ka vote out ho gya.plz give me reason?i hope vikas is come back…..

  7. Hey..its so cool that vikas is back in d show..he is the true man deserve to b in d show… Tnx raghu ,rajiv ,RV

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