What is wrong with people’s leader Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee used to be an adored leader, an icon for youth and a people’s person, but ever since her win in west Bengal assembly elections, she seems to have changed.

We all know Mamata Banerjee as a fire brand leader, fearless and gritty and ready to take on anyone who is going against the common man. She has fought several battles both at the Center and the State levels for the common man’s rights. She is one of the most vocal leaders in UPA against price rise issues related to train fares or petrol prices. It is mainly because of her that Congress thinks 10 times before raising fuel prices.

Mamata Banerjee West Bengal CM

But ever since getting chosen as the West Bengal chief minsiter, Mamata seems to have become a little paranoid. Shoe constantly claims that CPI-M is planning for her murder. A simple cartoon by an intellectual Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra got him jail because Mamata visualized the cartoon as a murder threat. For populist measures, she went against the price rise in Railway tickets which would have actually benefited the common man as Indian Railways could have provided better services with more money coming in. Her association in UPA II has also become a farce and her constant threats is seen by many as just an attempt to extract money from the Center for various projects at State level.

Recently, in an interview session with students at Jadavpur University, Mamata even went on to brand the questioners as Maoists and CPI-M supporters. She even asked a girl student if she was a Maoist. Such interactions with the same people in West Bengal who voted for her and gave her the power in State is just shocking.

We hope Mamata remains what we know her as, a lady strong enough to take on the mighty for the rights of the common man with no thoughts of personal benefits.

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