Hilarious: to win votes, Congress promises free mobile

When you don’t have job and when you don’t have money for the food, what should you do? According to Congress new grand scheme you can talk on phone becuase UPA II is now going to give free mobiles to all poor.

In the name of empowering the poor, Congress has thought of a master plan to win the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. They know quite well that India is against them, against their corrupt ministers and against their policies. But Congress has ruled us for over 50 years and they know all tricks of the trade. They know that majority of the Indians are still poor and illiterate and they can be easily swayed by offering freebies.

So, Congress has decided to give free mobile phones to all poor families. A Rs, 7,000 Crore scheme will see a mobile phone in every BPL family. The grand scheme will be announced by the Prime Minister himself on Aug 15th. Besides the free mobile, 200 minutes of free local talktime will also be provided.

A Govt which can’t control scams or rising prices is now trying to come back to power by designing these schemes. Shameless.

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