Northeast people fleeing Bangalore and Hyderabad after fake attack rumours

In a bizarre turn of events, northeast people are fleeing from Bangalore and Hyderabad after fake rumours of an attack on them in the near future because of the Assam violence.

Someone first spread this fake news on Facebook and Twitter and soon after panic spread. Such is the people’s belief in Govt and law and order situation in the country, that they started fleeing the cities as soon as the rumour spread. Almost 11,000 people immediately fled from Bangalore in jam-packed trains. Soon, news reports came of people leaving Hyderabad as well as Pune.

Central Govt and state Govts are just mute spectators to what is happening to innocent people from Assam.

In the meanwhile we just hope that these illogical rumours are stopped and people start to have some faith in the cities they are currently in.

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