Olympics show how depressing India has become

Every Olympics our Sports Minister talks of a good show and after every Olympics he promises for a much better showing in 4 years. But it is quite shameful that a country with over a billion people can’t even get one gold medal.

The sorry state of affairs in the Olympics isn’t just a reflection of how sports activities are run in India. It gives a much wider picture of how India is currently going through its worst phase where Congress led Govt is destroying and demolishing the country brick by brick.

East India

Assam is seeing ethnic violence, illegal immigrants from Bangladesh are fighting and terrorizing native Indians but the Congress Govt there remains silent. Vote bank politics has taught Congress to turn an eye away from anything that can lead to it losing elections.

In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, a self-confessed people’s leader, is hell bent on proving that any one who doesn’t agree to her diktats is a Maoist. A simple farmer is sent to jail because he dared to ask Miss Banerjee a few questions, a Professor is sent to jail because he dared to create a cartoon of the CM. West Bengal would be wondering if they chose a dictator or a people’s leader as their CM.

Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhattisgarh are troubled because of the Maoist’s. The red army attacks stations and police posts at will and kidnaps and kills people whenever they wish to. Govt’s indifference has just helped them grow into a major force and the only one suffering is the common man in these states.

Down South

Andhra Pradesh is burning once again because of Telangana. The Telugu speaking people are demanding their own state but because Andhra’s capital Hyderabad falls in their demands, the issue is deadlocked. Congress Govt at the center and in the state has decided to again do nothign and just wait till their time runs out.

Karnataka was one shining armour for BJP in the South but they maligned themselves by allowing their ministers and CM to make merry with the coal mines. Result is that BJP is trying to save face with its own party leaders going against it in the state.

Towards Western India

Maharashtra has been turned into Congress’s scam capital. Adarsh scam was just tip of the iceberg but the amount of scams that have been unearthed in Maharashtra under the Congress-NCP regime are mind boggling. After the Mumbai terror attacks one thought Congress will now finally start doing some good work, but it was all false hope. Nothing has changed since and the recent blasts in Pune are proof of that.

North India is paralyzed

Worst affected by Govt’s incapability to do anything are the Northern states of India. Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh are all feeling the pressure, which was recently proved by the failure of Northern Grids. Congress Ministers have done nothing in the past 5 years to help any state in India.

When the Central Govt spends most of its time trying to save the Govt and forming hidden deals with so-called-allies, how will they find time to save the country or think about its welfare? On Independence Day, our PM will once again look us in the eye and speak lies about his Govt’s achievements and his grand plans about bringing the prices down in the coming months. We all know that our PM is just a man of words and that nothing will change for the common man.

So, we can keep returning with 6 medals from the Olympics and our politicians will announce huge awards to showcase the HUGE achievement, but deep down inside, we all know that India has the potential to get a lot more medals, we have a lot more winners…it’s just the question of choosing the right candidates when we voie and bringing a Govt to the Center which cares about us.

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