Sharad Pawar’s nephew resigns as Maharashtra deputy CM over Irrigation scam

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Sharad Pawar’s nephew resigns as Maharashtra deputy CM over Irrigation scam

Another Congress led Govt, another scam and another resignation. Sharad Pawar’s nephew Ajit Pawar has resigned today as Maharashtra deputy CM over his alleged involvement in the Irrigation scam.

The newest scam in the list from Maharashtra is about allegations of corruption in irrigation projects in the state. Ajit Pawar was Maharashtra’s water resource minister when the scam is said to have occurred. In his words, he has resigned to allow impartial probe in the all allegations. He will continue to remain as the leader of the NCP legislature party but he will let go of his current portfolios of Finance and Energy.

Irrigation scam is said to be worth Rs. 15,000 Crore. Not big by the standards set up till now by Congress scams but still it is a substantial scam. A former engineer had first named Ajit Pawar in this scam saying that Pawar increased the price of projects overruling Water Dept and awarded the projects at exorbitant rates.

The scam is also one of the first cases where an honest Dept is shown as trying to save the loss of money, but they were overruled by Ajit Pawar at every instance. The Water Dept tried to prevent the irregularities at least twice. They even issued a circular saying the tender costs were wrong by Pawar in his capacity as the minister cancelled them.

NCP has said that they will continue to support the Congress led Govt in the state for now. But in a strange twist, all ministers in NCP have offered their resignations to the NCP chief, which has been denied. This is being seen as a strategy by NCP members to force Sharad Pawar to consider withdrawing support given to the Congress Govt. If NCP withdraws support, Congress Govt in the state will fall. You can take a look at current seat tally in Maharashtra Assembly here.

Although Sharad Pawar’s nephew has now resigned, not much should be read into this. Several committee’s will now be formed and several years will be taken to reach to a conclusive evidence of whether the scam was committed or not. Even if it was committed, amx that Ajit Pawar will get is a few months in jail after which he will be out on bail. But even that is not certain for now. And as our defence minister suggested recently, we all will forget this scam as well like we forgot BOFORS.

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