Trinamool Congress withdraws support, UPA II left with working minority

Mamata Banerjee has finally done what billions of Indians wanted her to do. She has withdrawn Trinamool Congress’s 19 MP support, UPA II left with working minority.

UPA II and Congress has turned Govt running in India into a farce. Their decisions have been absurd, their policies have helped no one, prices have risen and scams have free flown. Congress ally TMC kept threatening Congress at every opportunity and every time the prices were increased, but Mamata used to get pacified after few minor changes.

But this time, she has decided to completely walk away from the coalition Govt. She has decided to withdraw the support of her 19 MP’s and all her 6 Ministers will resign from the Govt on Friday. This basically leaves UPA-II in a working minority as they will now be left with just 254 members. Lok Sabha requires at least 272 MP’s for majority.

However, Mamata’s withdrawl of support won’t lead to an immediate fall of the Govt. Parties like Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party dream of these days when they can extend their support to the Central Govt in return for hefty benefits. Now that UPA-II is left with only 254 members in Parliament, SP and BSP will continue with their outside support to the Govt. An outside support means that none of their ministers will join the Govt but on the floor of the house Govt will still win a vote of confidence with their support. Ironically, SP, BSP and Congress are all sworn enemies inside Uttar Pradesh, but that does not prevent them from helping each other out at the Center.

For Congress, nothing much changes. They are a master in planning and they will continue to rule till the time they want by any hook or crook. They will no longer be troubled by Mamata but Mulayam and Mayawati won’t be easy to handle as well. BJP will now get fresh ammunition to attack the Govt which does not even enjoy a full majority. They will question how such a Govt can take big decisions like FDI and decide on the future of billions of Indians.

Politics is a dirty game and no one plays it better than Congress. We still can see a U-Turn from Congress as well as Mamata. But whatever happens, I personally have lost all faith in Congress led UPA.

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