Will Mulayam pay for saving Congress but pretending to oppose FDI

Mulayam Singh Yadav is a seasoned politicianand once again he has proved it by saving the Congress Govt at the Center while still saying it is against the Central Govt’s decisions on price rise and FDI.

Mayawati and Mulayam both are two big leaders from Uttar Pradesh and both depend on Muslim votes to bring them to power. That is one big reason why both try to remain away from BJP who they keep calling as communal. But for this strategy they are ready to sacrifice the benefits of the poor and the needy. They will continue to support Congress no matter what decision Congress takes.

PM Manmohan Singh says that money does not go on trees and people should brace themselves for tough decisions. Definitely I’d have agreed with he PM if his ministers would have shown this. Congress and most of its ministers are involved in big scams. From CWG to 2G to coal, they loot and plunder India’s national resources and fill their personal bank accounts. Why doesn’t PM tell them about his wisdom that money doesn’t grow on trees and that these politicians should work hard for their money, not just steal them away. PM says tough decisions are needed now, why were these decisions not taken 3 years back? What was the PM waiting for? Did he wanted India’s rating to nosedive before he went into action?

No matter what we feel or what we say, our politicians will always be smart enough to fool us. Question is will leaders like Mulayam pay in the next elections as people now have seen how opportunist he is. In my personal opinion though, I think nothing would chnage and by the time next elections are held, Mulayam will emerge a kingmaker or may be the King himself.

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