Will Samajwadi Party ever stop its two faced politics?

Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party is showing India why politics is a dirty game. On the one hand they support the FDI agitations against the Central Govt and on the other hand they support the same Govt at the Center.

Mulayam’s SP was recently voted to power in Uttar Pradesh. They fought a tough battle against BSP and Congress. But after the elections, they suddenly changed their tracks and started supporting Congress in all its decisions. When Mamata announced she won’t support Pranab’s candidature for President’s post, Mulayam back tracked after a secret meeting with Sonia Gandhi. When Mata has now left the UPA-II coalition because of rising fuel prices and FDI decision, Mulayam is now supporting Congress and helping them to remain in power at the Center.

Samajwadi Party has a pretty lame excuse to help the Congress. They say that bringing the Govt down will help Narendra Modi and the BJP. They say that they are “secular” and their “secular compulsion” forces them to keep Modi at bay and help Congress instead. Who are they actually trying to fool here with this ideology? Even if COngress Govt falls, BJP and Modi are not going to come to power yet. India will vote and then it will be decided. If India feels Modi is the best choice, Modi will become the PM. How can Samajwadi Party decide on india’s behalf about secular and non-secular?

The decisions taken by Congress does not affect just the Hindus. It will affect the Muslims, the Christians and all other communities alike. The small traders will lose their revenue, when fuel prices are hiked everyone feels the pinch, gas cylinders are used not just by Hindus but by everyone else. By supporting Congress and helping them save the Govt, SP is not doing any community any favor. They are just doing it for their own benefit and secret deals with the Congress.

It’s high time India recognizes the true face of these parties and when the time to vote comes in 2014, they should be told clearly that no one decides our fate but us.

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