Congress happy with the failure of 2G Auctions, makes mockery of scam

2G scam is one of the biggest scams in Indian history but after the failure of the recently held 2G auctions, Congress is happily trying to showcase that the scam never existed.

ith every single scam brought in by Congress like BOFORS, Adarsh Society, CWG or 2G, no conclusive decisions have yet been taken. Scams like Bofors simply fade away from the public memory and new scams takes their place. If Congress has its way, the same wil ahppen with the 2G scam.

The CAG had assumed a loss of 1.7 lakh crore to the nation because of the 2G scam, but in the recent auctions, Govt was not able to make much money from it. This led them to question CAG’s assumptions of the revenue. But point here is not whether CAG assumed it right or wrong, question here is what was the motive behind A Raja and Kanimojhi and whether they were involved in making money by allocations of the spectrum.

Another hilarious thing Congress did today was announce that Rahul Gandhi would lead the campaign for the 2014 elections. Hilarious in my opinion to give the campaign leadership to someone who has made them lose state elections in Punjab, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh already. Rahul’s capability will be highlighted in the upcoming Gujarat elections itself where he will campaign against Modi soon.

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