Why all this hullabaloo over Nitin Gadkari?

Congress has ruled over India for a very long time and recent hullabaloo over BJP President Nitin Gadkari just shows how our Indian Media units work overtime to keep their masters in Congress happy and in power.

Nitin Gadkari was named by Arvind Kejriwal in an apparent scam/irregularity in his investments through the Purti Group. Some documents were showcased by the so-called warrior against corruption and soon Congress paid media units jumped at the chance offered by Kejriwal.

Everyone forgot the news about Robert Vadera or Salman Khurshid. Both were shown to be involved in scams far bigger than Nitin Gadkari’s but the media units from NDTv to Star News developed common dementia and forgot all the news about Congress scions. Soon, everywhere you see it’s all Gadkari. Every news channel has decided to showcase Gadkari in their prime newstime programmes and shower heaps of questions on his moral and legal rights to continue as President of BJP.

What everyone fails to understand is Gadkari is BJP’s President and not India’s President. What happens to him is internal matter of BJP and should not be of concern to any outsider. If morality was such a big issue, our Congress Prime Minister should have resigned long long back after so many scams were revealed to have happened under his regime. If the PM doesn’t feel any shame in continuing in his post why should Gadkari feel shame in something which has not yet even been proven? The matter has not yet even reached a court of law, but Congress paid media is after his life. So shameless is the whole episode that even a sex-scandal guilty Abhishek Manu Singhvi of Congress is being brought as spokesperson who talks about moral values and why Gadkari should step down.

BJP themselves are to be blamed as well, because they have shown how totally incompetent their leaders are. Every single leader in BJP is speaking in different voices. There is no clear leadership, no path to follow, all have been set lose to speak their heart out. In a country with weak opposition, corruption aiding ministers and media who has already sold its soul, we can just hope to see Congress back in power after the 2014 elections as well.

Will all this affect the upcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat? Let us know here.

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