eBay DSR: How Genuine Sellers are being cheated by eBay India

eBay may seem as a boon for sellers but in reality all it does is charge exorbitant sum of money from its Sellers while banning the most genuine sellers based on a faulty DSR rating.

We recently opened a shop on eBay India and have been selling on eBay for the past two months only. We have a 18 hr customer support, we take all the images ourselves and every product of ours is genuine and of good quality. But still, eBay India has made it quite easy for competitors or new buyers who do not understand how online selling works to destroy someone’s reputation.

I’d like to bring to your notice some points:

1. One of our buyers purchased a Sony Earphone. Promptly, without contacting us, he left us a negative feedback. We called him up to request removal of the feedback. He did so but only with the promise that we will refund him the cost of the headphone as well as the return shipping charges. this buyer then sends us back the headphone, except that instead of our Rs. 450 worth of headphones he shipped us back a local Rs. 15 worth of headphone. Now this cheater expects us to refund him the money for a false product returned.

2. Another buyer purchased a Rs. 189 screen protector from our store. He then leaves us a negative feedback saying the screen protector was not good. The same screen protector has been purchased by 14 others but no one else has put a single complain. We contacted this buyer and he mailed us back saying he will remove the feedback which he has not yet done. He clearly seems to be a competitor who did this to destroy our rankings on eBay.

3. In the last two months we have sold over 450 products. Off these 125 guys have given us a positive feedback. Barring the two users mentioned above, all others have only left good words for us. Despite this you have just gone ahead and reduced our Performance level to “below Standard” when in fact we qualify for an “Above Standard” performance.

4. We qualify for the “Power Seller” status, but eBay couldn’t care less about it.

We are one of the most genuine sellers on eBay India with quality products imported directly from US or China. We hold a valid Import/Export license as well as VAT/TIN number.

In spite of all the hard work we put in to make our Store successful on eBay, it seems it is too easy to destroy someone’s ranking on eBay India and it is sad to see that eBay doesn’t really care about its sellers. So tomorrow a competitor can create a fake ID, buy the cheapest product from the store and then promptly leave a negative feedback with the lowest rating of 1s and 2s. There is absolutely nothing protecting a buyer on eBay. Worst thing is you can’t even find who left the 1s and 2s in DSR for you.

So before you plan to open a shop on eBay India, think twice if its worth feeding these giant every month with a huge sum in listing and store charges when they care nothing about you.

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