Gujarat election exit polls predict a massive victory for Narendra Modi

Second phase of Gujarat elections were held today finishing the Assembly elections 2012 process in the state. All major news channels have now declared the Exit poll results and all of them have predicted a massive landslide victory for Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat.

ABP News predicts that BJP will increase its tally from 2007 and end with 126 seats. Aaj Tak believes that number might be between 118-128. India TV places BJP at 124. TV 24 goes a step further and predicts 140 seats for BJP. Congress is shown a humiliating figure of just 50 seats by all the News Channels.

The campaign was run by Narendra Modi alone for BJP, but Congress came out in Gujarat with all guns blazing. From Sonia Gandhi to PM Manmohan Singh and even Rahul Gandhi campaigned for Congress candidates. But nothing seems to have paid off for the party which has seen its popularity fall after spade of scams, price rise and unpopular decisions.

If Modi emerges stronger from the elections in Gujarat, his claim for the PM’s post will be strengthened. It will also act as a lesson for all the parties who survive on an anti-BJP plank by calling it communal. Modi’s victory will clearly show that even Muslims have voted for BJP in Gujarat and they are happy with the development that Modi has brought to the state. Parties like SP and BSP support Congress under the garb of going against the communal forces, but Modi’s victory will show that people are now understanding who will bring them development and who will just give them false promises.

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