How easily Mayawati and Mulayam hoodwink India to help Congress

Maywati and Mulayam may shout at the top of their voices and say they are against Congress but in truth they are the biggest allies Congress can ever have. SP and BSP have helped Congress once again by helping them pass the FDI bill in Lok Sabha.

It’s a well known fact that Congress knows politics too well. They know how to remain in power by hook or crook. After Trinamool Congress ditched Congress mid-way, it needs the support of Uttar Pradesh biggies Mayawati and Mulayam to continue in power. According to BJP, Congress has garnered this support by pressurizing Mulayam and Mayawati with CBI cases. If they decide to vote against Congress, both the party leaders may see CBI running after their lives.

Both SP and BSP offer a lame excuse of supporting Congress because they want to keep the Hindu party BJP away from power at the center. They have used this reason for far too long now to fool the Indians. Both Mulayam and Mayawati slammed FDI and termed it anti-poor in Lok Sabha but when the time to vote came, they helped the bill pass through. So, to keep BJP away they decided to put the poor at stake.

When will Indian voters learn how these politicians play a game with them. SP, BSP and Congress may fight elections against each other but they are all united in hurting the causes of the poor.

We hope people will give a fitting reply in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections and the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

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