Exit Polls suggest scam, corruption and rising prices not an issue for Karnataka Elections

Karnataka has voted to pick the next Govt and if Exit Poll results are any indication, chances are that scam and corruption tainted Congress will merrily make it back to the State Assembly as winners.

Every single day, news reports come out of a new scam by Congress or its Ministers. Entire nation has been shamed with the extent to which Congress has gone and looted the nation. From CWG to the recent Railway recruitment scam, every where Congress has proved that their main motive while in power has been to amass as much money as possible so that they can use the same money to win the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

All major news channels predict a landslide victory for Congress while BJP will be crushed. While Congress is expected to easily cross 100 seats and end with a tally of around 115 seats, BJP is predicted to be not even reaching 50 seats comfortably. Today’s Chanakya even predicts a pathetic 31 seats for BJP while huge 143 tally for the Congress. In all probabilities it seems that BJP is set to lose the only state it had in South India.

A year before the General elections when BJP should have been focusing on increasing its voter base, it is now all set to lose one major state. The blame solely lies on the BJP think tank. They knew quite well that they do not have a single leader of the stature of Yeddyurappa in South India, still they went ahead to remove him from the party. Congress has scores of ministers with corruption cases against them but they refuse to remove them, but BJP plays moral cards and cuts its own foot everywhere.

Without a clear ambition, BJP is fast moving into oblivion and it will come as no surprise when in 2014 Congress will return back to power in India to scam the nation for the next 5 years as well.

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