Nitish Kumar Plays his opportunist card, destroys 17 year old friendship

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Nitish Kumar Plays his opportunist card, destroys 17 year old friendship

Nitish Kumar has finally played his opportunist secular card to destroy a 17 year old friendship. JD(U) formally ended its collaboration with NDA by asking BJP leaders to resign from the Bihar Govt.

News of an imminent split was doing the rounds as soon as BJP mustered courage and announced that Narendra Modi will handle its poll fortunes for 2014. BJP has almost made it certain that Narendra Modi will be its Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Ever since the announcement was made, Nitish and JD(U) were giving enough signals that they will end their collaboration with BJP.

But Nitish’s decision is quite strange. He supported BJP when Godhra happened. He supported BJP some years after Babri Masjid incidence happened. So what did suddenly change? Why is he so afraid of Narendra Modi. Modi ha been at the helm of affairs in Gujarat for over a decade now and people of Gujarat have elected him as their CM thrice. So does Nitish Kumar think Gujarat’s population is all wrong? Is it not very obvious that Nitish is just playing a game to gain on some Muslim votes?

Modi’s popularity in Gujarat is not just because of Hindus. he has been given ample support by the Muslims as well. Unless the state’s population supported him, he’d never have won with such huge majority. Till date Congress has portrayed Modi as anti-Muslim, a threat to Islam. Nitish’s move is just an after-reaction based on same thoughts. He feels that sticking any longer to Modi led BJP will take away his voter base. He may also be lured with the fact that there’s a huge possibility that the next Govt will be a non-Congress, non-BJP alliance. If that is going to be the case then Nitish may find himself becoming a king maker if not the King.

Nitish’s breaking an alliance with BJP can only be seen as a back stabbing. In Bihar it was not just Nitish but also BJP which slowly helped him overturn Laloo’s rule and form a good governance. Now Nitish knows he has Bihar under his control and he feels that he can still win the state without BJP but maybe Nitish has failed to understand the sentiments of Indians as a whole and this decision may just cost him valuable seats in the coming elections.

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