Arvind Kejriwal: Just another addition to Dirty Indian Politics

Arvind Kejriwal, the new Chief Minister of Delhi, has just proved that politics is really a dirty game and he is a part of that and not above it.

To come to power, Arvind Kejriwal first used Anna Hazare’s name to showcase himself to the huge masses. He did all possible tantrums to make himself popular among the masses and showed enough conviction to get some support from the classes as well.

The same guy who stood against corruption and kept shouting at the top of his voice that he won’t support either a BJP or a Congress led Govt has now gone ahead and shown the public of Delhi just how opportunistic he is. Delhi clearly voted against the Congress, if AAP was not a second fiddle to Congress and it really cared about people’s sentiments, it should have joined hands with BJP and formed a Govt. But by taking support from Congress which was fully rejected by the pubic, AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has just shown that they were all along a party to Congress gameplan of ruining BJP’s chances in Delhi.

BJP too are to be blamed for falling into the trap laid for them by AAP and COngress. The two were bound to get together to form a Govt and keep BJP out. So, by leaving the opportunity to form a Govt in Delhi, BJP allowed Kejriwal to have things on a platter.

AAP’s master stroke was to start the public poll last week. Shamelessly they opened phone lines and net to ask public for a referendum. Even the most naive person would know that all this was nothing but poll gimmick.

By forming a Govt with corrupt Congress support, Arvind Kejriwal has cheated Delhi and its citizens. The ploy may be to keep BJP at bay till the Lok Sabha elections but sooner or later Arvind Kejriwal will pay for cheating the people of Delhi.

Any thoughts of this guy being a new age clean politician are now over. Welcome another entrant Arvind Kejriwal to the game of Dirty Indian Politics.

One thought on “Arvind Kejriwal: Just another addition to Dirty Indian Politics

  1. Prophets of Doom ?

    Since yesterday morning when Arvind Kejriwal announced that AAP will form a government in Delhi , prophets of doom have sprung into action everywhere – mostly on TV

    They are saying :

    > AAP government cannot deliver on its impractical poll promises

    > AAP has sacrificed its principle of taking no support

    > AAP has betrayed the people of Delhi

    > AAP is lusting for power – like all other parties

    > AAP has no experience in running a government

    > People will soon get disillusioned with AAP……………etc

    Then there are some who are not happy being mere dooms-dayer !

    They want to pro-actively bring about the downfall of AAP by laying a carefully concealed trap for AAP to walk into !

    Take Dr Harshvardhan of BJP

    He challenges AAP government to arrest / prosecute within next 30 days , those persons who were held guilty by the Shunglu Commission , in respect of CWG scam

    Being a polite gentleman , he does not name names ( Sheila Dikshit ? )

    He says , exposing and punishing the corrupt is an important poll promise of AAP

    You would think Sheila Dikshit would get offended with Dr Harshvardhan

    Oh , but No !

    Quite the contrary

    She too wants Arvind to walk into this trap !

    That would give her just the desired excuse to withdraw that ” Outside Support ” of Congress to bring down the AAP government

    I hope Arvind is smart enough to see through these macabre machinations of mediocre minions , who want to lead AAP , up a garden path !


    Exposing the corrupt is ” IMPORTANT – but not URGENT ”

    It is NOT your priority No 1

    Delivering pro-poor reforms is both ” IMPORTANT and URGENT ”

    Stay your course and watch out for the traps

    Remaining honest in the days to come is far more important than exposing the corruption of the past

    * hemen parekh ( 24 Dec 2013 / Mumbai )

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